Neon Owl Interview with Hardstyle Duo Audiotricz

//Neon Owl Interview with Hardstyle Duo Audiotricz

Neon Owl Interview with Hardstyle Duo Audiotricz

We got the chance to dig into the minds of Léon and Kenneth, two friends that make up Audiotricz. You have been missing out if you haven’t heard their high energy sets or seen them crush it on stage at festivals. Having played at the biggest events such as EDC, Defqon.1, Tomorrowland, Nocturnal Wonderland, and The Qontinent, these boys have dominated the last few years in the hardstyle community. We chat about things from their favorite festivals, what makes hardstyle fans go extra hard, to future aspirations and upcoming releases. Be sure to watch out for their new tracks with Atmozfears and Adrenalize coming soon!

Positive focus. Something you guys are grateful for or excited about?

Doing what we love the most and making music. There is no greater feeling than being with our fans and partying to the music we love.

 Give us the 411 on how you two met and how Audiotricz came about!

We met each other at a local football club and we didn’t know that we both had the same interest in Hardstyle music. We started to hang out together and learned how to produce Hardstyle music and a few years later Audiotricz was born!

You guys have performed at a lot of festivals. Which ones have been your favorites to be at? How do big events like EDC and DEFQON 1 differ?

We really love to play at any event in Chile & Mexico because we have a lot of fans over there and the feedback on our music is insane, and we are always happy to be part of Q-Dance, EDC & Insomniac Events festivals.

About the difference between EDC and DEFQON.1.

If we play at EDC we’re not the headlining act because there are so many different artists playing and different genres of music.

For example a mainstage act at EDC, there would be: Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike playing. They are way bigger then we are haha. When we perform at DEFQON.1, we are the big thing, because it’s a Hardstyle event. That’s the main difference.

 When did either one of you know that you wanted to pursue music as a career? What about hardstyle pulled you in of all the genres within dance?

It’s always been a dream, which we never thought would happen. We kind of grew up into the genre by friends and even family. Hardstyle chose us!

The topic of genres and subgenres has come up a lot as of recently. What are your thoughts on that?

 Well, for us it’s all about the music itself. No matter if it’s hard, soft, raw, cheesy or something like that. We stand for quality and that should be the main focus in the overall sound and genre.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far? What are you aiming for next?

Playing for the first time at DEFQON.1 this year and straight on the mainstage. That’s definitely our highlight so far! Our next target is Qlimax. That would be really a dream come true!

Audiotricz DJ Producer EDC Neon Owl

Image by Troy Acevedo

 What’s been best and most difficult thing about being a duo?

Sharing experiences together, definitely. You really can’t be happy if you cannot share it. Most difficulties would be the two different personalities, which means different meanings every now and then. Accepting the way how we both are is the key to a successful duo.

 Do you two hang out a lot outside of making music and performing together?

We do! We just moved our studio to an old restaurant. We now have a bar, cool balcony and so on haha. Both of our friends come visit really often and we chill and hang out.

Beside the studio we sometimes like to go fishing together! Clear minds and talking about other things than music.

What’s the most meaningful track that you’ve produced up to date? Why?

Definitely, our new track ‘Inception,’ which we made specifically for the Defqon end show.  Everything just fell into place at that moment. We will never forget that!

What inspires you to continue to make music?

 The love from our fans, traveling more around the world and trying to push ourselves harder in the studio to get better tracks done than before.

Have you guys gone out into the crowd and just explore with everyone else during a show/festival?

We do! Most of the time actually. We love being in the crowd and having a good time with everyone!

Tell us a little bit about your upcoming releases with Atmozfears? How was it working together?

There’s always that magical vibe while working together with Atmozfears. Can’t really explain that into words. We always come up with something and it always ends up an awesome track.

What about your current project in the works with Adrenalize?

Still working on it though! Funny thing actually, we tested the first version at EDC 2015, but we were never really satisfied about it. We took the vocal and made a completely new track out of it.

Audiotricz DJ Producer EDC Neon Owl

Image by Troy Acevedo

Who would be a dream collab next on the list?

We would love to do a collab with Code Black. Although, we have a close friendship we never worked together haha. Trying to schedule it at the moment.

Outside Hardstyle that would be: Skrillex, W&W, Chainsmokers and Justin Bieber!

Who are some artists in the industry you feel is doing some cool stuff right now?

We are still big fans of the combo Skrillex and Diplo; Jack U. At the moment, we haven’t checked out much of their music that is out now.

Do you guys think that hardstyle fans go extra hard compared to a lot of other fans? I’ve been to EDC many years now, and the fans over at Wasteland tend to dance the hardest. I’ve also seen crazy videos from DEFQON.1 that look unbelievable.

Well noticed! They are so into the music, which definitely will make you dance harder. Also the bpm and the drive in Hardstyle can’t let you stand still.

Any advice for other aspiring artists out there trying to make a name for themselves? 

Never give up. That comes often with a lot of frustration, but is worth every hour that you’ll spend trying. Try to spend as many hours in the studio to progress.

What else are you guys passionate about outside of your music?

We both are into fitness and trying to combine an irregular lifestyle also into staying fit and healthy. Kenneth actually just bought a new race-bike!

Describe the other person with one word

Kenneth; Creative

Léon; Loyal

What are your greatest fears?

Can’t have this job/hobby anymore.

At Neon Owl, we are all about sharing more positivity and inspiration in the music industry as well as in the world. What do you feel the industry needs more or less of? What about the world?

Less negativity. Enjoying the small things the most and try to make a difference in this world.

What message do you have for all your fans out there?

We want to thank them for listening to our music, checking us out at parties and getting many great messages from everyone. Means a lot!!

How can your fans get a hold of you? What social platforms do you like using most?

We are active on every social platform. We do like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram the most. This is how fans can connect. We try to respond on every single message we get.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind and how do you want to be remembered?

We are trying to be innovating continuously, push ourselves harder than before. Make a difference in this industry. That’s how we would like to be remembered!

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 Audiotricz DJ Producer Defqon.1 Neon Owl

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