IN CASE YOU MISSED IT – 14 Epic Tracks You May Have Missed in The Last 6 Months

//IN CASE YOU MISSED IT – 14 Epic Tracks You May Have Missed in The Last 6 Months

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT – 14 Epic Tracks You May Have Missed in The Last 6 Months

There’s been so much great music out as of recent that you may have missed a few along the way. Check out these 14 epic tracks that were released in the last six months that you absolutely need to have in your life. We have everything from bass to funk.

Noah Neiman – White Flag

Noah Neiman is a Texas-based DJ who has shown that he has a wide range when it comes to producing electronic music. Featured on countless Spotify playlists and popular DJ radio shows, Noah’s popularity just keeps growing. Noah doesn’t stick to one genre when it comes to his music, and White flag, released by Enhanced Recordings, is definitely more of a melodic, future bass track. The guitar and drums featured on this track really turn it into a song you might catch yourself singing, reminding me of a pop or rock anthem.

Kepik – Sleeping with the Enemy

Kepik has been making major moves lately, recently announcing his signing with Armada Music — specifically Reaching Altitude. His song “Sleeping with the Enemy”, features beautiful, airy vocals and uses the drums very strategically to blend the future bass and drum and bass genres. This is something Kepik is known for; he rarely stays within a genre and loves to experiment and mold genres together. His EP, “Mixed Emotions”, comes out in March, and I’m hoping we can expect more of this type of sound!

Zedd – Happy Now Remix (Beauz Remix)

Beauz is a duo comprised of two brothers, Bernie and Johan Young. They grew popular through their remixes of popular pop songs which were featured on music channels like Trap City and Proximity. This track was actually an official remix released by Zedd, and I absolutely love what Beauz did with it. They manage to not compromise the integrity of the song while making it more of a happy-feeling, dance-worthy song. The addition of the choppy vocals and how they drop the beat make me like this version even more than the original!

Convex – Pain feat. Tyler Shamy

The sound of Tyler’s voice over the piano paired with the fact that the lyrics are so relatable, make you really FEEL this song. It’s dark, it’s deep, and it’s set against an addicting melody. Tyler’s voice feels personal, and Convex does a great job at blending the piano with the bass and percussion. I’m a huge fan of the drop here as it manages to hit hard without compromising the melody. Convex, also known as Zack Morgan, has become well known through the Insomniac festivals he’s played at, most notably EDC. He mostly produces bass music, but he loves to blend genres and is not a fan of labels!

Andrew Rayel feat. Lola Blanc – Horizon (Aether Mix)

Andrew Rayel redoes “Horizon” with a hard-hitting Aether Mix. As one of our favorites, this Moldovan DJ has made a name for himself on the radio show, “A State of Trance” and Armind labels. In 2017 he founded label inHarmony Music and continues to release his own tracks while promoting new talents.

What So Not – Beautiful (MaRLo Remix)

MaRLo is a popular trance DJ and producer known for the tech influences in his beats. Known in Australia as the #1 Trance DJ, MaRLo has worked with some high-profile names such as Armin van Buuren and the former Dash Berlin. This What So Not remix by MaRLo has such a variety throughout the song but from start to finish is a straight banger. The build-ups just make you want to dance, and he creates such an addicting drop.

Win and Woo – Satisfied

Win and Woo (aka Nicholas Winholt and Austin Woo) are a Chicago-based duo known for their upbeat, dance-oriented electronic music. Their song “Satisfied” is no exception! The song is supposed to be about the feeling of falling in love, and you really can feel that happiness when you listen to it. The track has an infectious house beat that gives off a care-free, happy vibe.

Jenaux – Love and Devotion

This song has such a funky vibe to it, the instruments (especially the sax) immediately make you want to dance. The best part of this song has to be the vocals; Kelli Leigh has such soul in the way she sings, and the power she brings to this track really takes the whole thing to another level. Love and Devotion was two and a half years in the making and really is a testament to Jenaux’s ability to combine funk and live instruments with electronic music. Based in New York, Jenaux manages to create tracks with unexpected rhythms, powerhouse vocals, and catchy beats.

Ben Nicky and Callum Higby – The Donk

This song is fun and high-energy throughout the whole thing. Featuring high-pitched vocals and melodic undertones, this song takes off with its hard dance-style drop. The track was released by Good Enuff, a sub-label of Mad Decent, and is a fun collab between up-and-coming DJ and music producer Callum Higby and international DJ and music producer Ben Nicky.

I_o feat. Mike Schmid – Feel You now

This track starts off almost emotionally with ethereal vocals and an entrancing melody, accompanied by a heavy presence of the kick drum. I_o draws on a range of influences in this song, using trance-like vocals from Mike Schmid and big room synths, ultimately giving the track an underground dance party vibe. The music I_o plays would be considered more techno, but it very much has its own unique sound and gravitates toward being genre-bending. To prove this point and in retaliation to genre elitists, he even released a track called “Not Techno”.

Manila Killa feat. Mansionair – Wake Up Call

Manila Killa (aka Chris Gavino) started producing music in college and has been on an upward climb ever since, from going on tour with Louis the Child to playing at festivals like Snowglobe and Holy Ship!. He is known for producing songs that range from future bass to tropical house.
“Wake Up Call” seems different from what Manila Killa usually produces, but I really enjoy the experimentation he shows here. This beat is insanely catchy and Mansionair provides the perfect vocals for the sound of this track. The moments in the song where the piano comes in gives the song an airy, soothing feeling that makes you want to sway with the beat.

Slumberjack and Troyboi – Solid

This is a great collab by Slumberjack and Troyboi, two powerhouses in the trap community. The intro to this song is dark and creepy, making it my favorite part of the whole thing. Troyboi’s distinct sound is prominent throughout this track, making it a bouncy type of trap with an addicting drop. In the last minute, a great tune gets incorporated into the drops that give the song some depth. It’s a great result of these two different groups who have been making more and more appearances on festival lineups and getting some well-deserved recognition.

Alexander Lewis and KRANE – Sorbet Guts

Alexander Lewis is known for combining genres like trap and hip-hop with his trombone and jazz influences. Zachary Krane, or KRANE, also distinctly blends genres like hip-hop and trap together. You can really hear KRANE’s traditional sound in this song, and it pairs so well with what Alexander Lewis is doing. You can see the hip-hop influence in this track, and the song somehow manages to be both hard-hitting and ominous at the same time without using any crazy build-ups.

Whethan – Going Up

The use of the synths is really what sets this track apart, giving the song such an upbeat, happy feeling. There are a lot of different textures that really give this song depth and sets it apart from some of his other music. “Going Up” has a very long build-up to the drop, but it does not disappoint and hits pretty hard! Whethan, aka Ethan Snoreck, has gained popularity from high-profile collaborations such as “High”, with Dua Lipa and “Savage”, with Flux Pavillion and MAX. His album “Life of a Wallflower Vol. 1” came out in November 2018 and features more melodic, catchy songs with pop vocals, highly contrasting “Going Up”.

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