Celebrating Friendship with Chus & Ceballos

//Celebrating Friendship with Chus & Ceballos

Celebrating Friendship with Chus & Ceballos

When you meet these two you can see how genuine of a friendship they have. It’s no wonder why Chus & Ceballos have been staples on the Groove Cruise. Their contagious smiles, energetic sets with their Iberican sound, and pure kindness make them a perfect fit for the Groove Cruise family.

Before I met them, I had the chance to catch their set at 7am. As tired as us Groove Cruisers were after dancing all night, we managed to muster up the last of our energy to keep going during their set. I admit, I might have been dancing with a bagel in my hand. I was filled with joy, music, dancing and food — what more could a girl ask for.

I learned about how they’ve made their 20+ year friendship and partnership work and what matters to them when they’re playing their sets. We talk about what it means to them to make their music and why what they’re doing could have great impact in the world.

This past year they released their first album, Nomadas. Staying true to their music and not letting the pressures of the changing electronic dance music scene affect them, their passion for their music drives them forward. They’re a pair that are truly to be admired.


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