Catching Up with Saad Ayub

//Catching Up with Saad Ayub

Catching Up with Saad Ayub

Saad Ayub hits up with another uplifting feel good track “Clover” in collaborations with Jennifer Rene. This is Saad’s 4th release on Ferry Corsten’s label Flashover Recordings. No matter how many times I listen to this track, it doesn’t fail to uplift me into another dimension where I am dancing carefree. The beautiful vocals paired with the euphoric melodies, this track is guaranteed to get you out of bed or get you out of your slump. We have been a fan of Saad for quite some time now, and couldn’t be more happy to see him continuing making waves in the trance scene. It had been a while since our last interview, so let’s see what he’s been up to as of recent!

Saad Ayub Ft. Jennifer Rene – Clover

What has been new with you since you last linked up with the Neon Owl crew? What’s happening in music, life, and everything else?

Hey gang, it’s been a while! Since our last chat I’ve been super busy working on new music – mostly experimenting with different sounds that inspired me as a fan of electronic music in my early days – bringing a little more groove into my sound and (hopefully) creating something unique. It’s a work in progress. I also recently launched my new radio show “VRTN,” and have been lucky enough to play some international gigs. For the most part my life is all music, and bit of travel on the side ☺

How did this new collab with Jennifer Rene come about? Why did you guys decide on the name “Clover”?

It took a year for us to find the idea and finish the track. We tried to jump right back in the writing process after our massive hit “Move On,” but it didn’t click that time. So we decided to do our own thing for a bit, let it marinate and then reconnected to really nail it down. Clover is about having something positive in your life after dealing with lots of negativity. Letting go and being free, surrounding yourself with good vibes. When we really got into the idea it was really dark and cold here in Canada, so for me it was also a representation of sunshine and summer days.

You have been receiving quite the support from Ferry Corsten. Tell us about how you guys’ relationship started and how it has evolved?

Saad Ayub: As I mentioned, I’ve been playing a lot with my sound, and bringing a certain groove to it. Flashover really liked the direction, and wanted to work with me to help develop it. After our first couple of releases “Remember” and “The Only One with Christina Novelli,” my relationship with Flashover has become pretty much like a family almost. Ferry has been super supportive of what I’ve been doing, not to mention his favorite track of the year last year was Remember. Which is still surreal for me to think. Our relationship is very professional, yet we like to have fun we get the chance. If you followed my trip to Amsterdam when I was hanging out with him you would know what I mean.

How was your recent show Masters of Trance at Beachclub Fuel? You played alongside legends like Ferry Costen, RAM, Menno de Jong and many more. How was your experience?

It was honestly amazing, unforgettable. I was so nervous, and being a new comer playing as a closer at the same time as some of trance’s biggest names, I didn’t expect to have much of a crowd. Thankfully the incredible Dutch crowd decided to stick around after Ferry’s set to check me out, and the stage was packed until the end.

What can we expect for the rest of 2018? Any exciting new projects and collaborations in the works?

I have just finished a massive (massive!) remix for a true legend, for one of his most famous tracks from few years ago. It’s going to be premiered at one of the big summer fests, cannot wait to share more on that one. Lots of new music coming this year: solo instrumentals, , vocal tracks, and some other huge collabs in the works that will release in 2018. So much that I can’t talk about yet, but you’ll be hearing about all of it very soon!

We heard that you are working on this new thing called “techno trance”. Tell us a little bit more about that! Is it what I think it sounds like it is?

I’m not going to lie, lately I’ve been finding the Trance scene has been saturated with so much of the same. I can fit well into that, but it’s not easy to stand out, and even harder to stay passionate about the music. I have been trying to rediscover myself outside of this mould and do something different, fresh and new –  something trance but groove. You can’t really pinpoint what it is. It could be trance it could be techno. Kind of like the 90s. For now I’m calling it #techno vs #trance, we will see if it becomes more defined than that in the future. One thing it’s definitely not is tech trance.

What has been your favorite track that you have worked on so far?

That’s a really tough question, they’re all like children and I have to love them equally ;). “The Only One” has special place in my heart however because of the story behind it.

What about best track (any genres in or outside of dance music) that has been released in the last year?

Two remixes of More and More by Spoiled & Zigo is absolutely amazing, I think that’s what trance should sound like right now. Check out the Tom Star remix and CYA remix of More and More.

Who are the “must watch” up and comers of 2018?

I have been on the watch for other genre of music, biggest one from Techno scene right now IMO is Township Rebellion. I love their style, it’s so versatile. Also Amelie Lens and Charlotte Di Wette are both smashing it. Trance wise, Cold Blue is really keeping the uplifting side of things interesting and fresh. Also keep a watch out for I. O. and Raito.

At Neon Owl, we are all about connecting people through music to create positive social impact. What is an area in or outside of the industry right now that you think people could pay more attention to?

Pay attention to themselves and being themselves. The way we’re so addicted to technology in our culture, a lot of people are depressed trying to be what they think is the ideal version of themselves. I personally think it’s important we advocate for the power of connecting in real life, and with nature. And that if we are going to use tools like social media, we feel empowered to use them to speak up about who we really are, and share the depression and struggles we face. Really just to be our true selves and celebrate, rather than hide who we are.

As an artist that has been at it for a little while now, what has been your greatest learning lesson that you can possibly pass on to those just getting started?

You have to be really patient with it and know that it’s an ongoing process. And when I say patience I really mean it. You will face a lot of ups and a lot of downs, but always focus on the ups and try to build momentum every chance you get. Forget about all the “no’s” and focus on the “yeses.” If you believe in yourself, love what you do and do it to your absolute best, the only other thing you can do is network your butt off and keep grinding.

Anything else you’d like to share with us or to your fans?

You guys have been a great supporter since my journey just started to take off, so huge thank you for the love and chance to reconnect. And to my fans I want to say thank you for supporting whatever I’m doing, because nothing drives me harder or makes me happier than seeing people vibing and smiling to my creations. Much Love.

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