Neon Owl Bonding with Luke – Luke Bond

//Neon Owl Bonding with Luke – Luke Bond

Neon Owl Bonding with Luke – Luke Bond

We are a community brought together by the love of electronic music. Watching our favorite DJs we get lost in a state of trance. We begin to idolize them because of the impact they’ve had on our lives. At the end of the day though, they are everyday people just like us bringing their piece of passion to the world. That’s what it was like sitting down with DJ Luke Bond. Not only did we learn about what drives his music creativity, we learn about a more personal cause that has had a strong impact. This guy throws down a solid set, trance, progressive house, or whatever he’s in the mood for and we look forward to watching his career soar.

Miss Jade:

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Kim has worked with Neon Owl since 2016. Her love of music and desire to do more for charity brought her to our family. She’s been involved in the EDM community since 2013, attending various small and big events across the world. Through Neon Owl she continues to spread the message of community with her love of music, while working to bring together artists with different charities. Connect: Instagram: miss___jade Twitter: xkimtranx

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