Finding Our Harmony With Andrew Rayel

//Finding Our Harmony With Andrew Rayel

Finding Our Harmony With Andrew Rayel

We have been seeing a lot of Andrew recently, and 2018 has been his strongest year ever! We followed him from New York to California, and the shows were back to back incredible! At etd.LOVE we got a chance to sit down with him for an intimate interview. We caught up on the last few years and his recent massive triple success with his Find Your Harmony radio show, 100th episode celebration tour stops and record label!

For those of you that have been wondering about the superhero cat icon for inHarmony, he gives us a further explanation of what it is and where it was inspired from. We got to chat about what it meant to him to have his Find Your Harmony 100 tour stop back home in Moldova, where one of our Neon Owl ambassadors, Don Fiacco, traveled all the way to from the USA. Despite having so many FYH100 tour stops already, there will be more shows to be announced this year, possibly in Asia as well!

From undiscovered artists to already established names like David Gravell, Mark Sixma, and Emma Hewitt with releases on inHarmony, Andrew tells us the elements he looks for when signing a track. There are also plans in the works for inHarmony to start investing in upcoming artists to develop in the next year through the record label.

Andrew brings us up to speed on his view of his growth as an artists in the last few years, and the difference between being #24 on DJ Mag in 2014 versus being #79 this past year. He shares with us his new habits for staying healthy on the road, especially having been sick so often recently on tour.

Right before the interview, we had just come from the Andrew Rayel meet and greet where literally hundreds of fans lined up to get the Dance. Give. Inspire. merch in collaboration with Neon Owl to support building wells for clean water via The meet ups we have been hosting have been getting bigger and bigger with lines that go out the door, and we couldn’t be more excited to create a unique experience for the fans while supporting a great cause. Andrew has truly been one of the most down to earth, genuine, and humble artists and human beings I have had the chance to meet and work with. His love and dedication to his fans is hard to match, and what you see is exactly what you get. Cheers to an incredible rest of 2018 and the #NeonOwlFam and #RayelFamily is already rallying up a group for #FYH150 next year!

Until then, check out our video interview with Andrew and his latest release “New Dawn” featuring Corti Organ and Max Cameron on inHarmony Music.


Andrew Rayel ETD. Love by T Blaze Photography - Neon Owl

Andrew Rayel ETD. Love by T Blaze Photography - Neon Owl

Andrew Rayel ETD. Love by T Blaze Photography - Neon Owl

Photo: T Blaze Photography

Andrew Rayel & Corti Organ and Max Cameron – New Dawn

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