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Neon Owl is excited to present to you our Dance.Give.Inspire. charity series in partnership with some of our favorite artists in the dance music industry. 100% of the proceeds from this series will go towards supporting, a non-profit organization that builds wells in third world countries to supply water for those in need.

We want each piece of our merchandise to represent our Dance.Give.Inspire motto beyond the festival into everyday life. Through purchasing our gear, you can support charities like The Fender’s Music Foundation, Generosity, and many more! We are proud to have one of our favorites Andrew Rayel as our first partnered artist, with many more to be announce soon! See you on the dance floor, and through music we change the world!

We want to hear from you! Let us know what charities or artists you’d like to see us work with next! #dancegiveinspire #neonowl #neonowlfam #rayelfamily

Proceeds from every purchase goes towards a worthy cause. Shop here.

Have a charity or cause that you’re passionate about? Let us know!

Charity show AFTERMOVIE!

Neon Owl’s Dance. Give. Inspire. charity show

Neon Owl presents our Dance. Give. Inspire. charity show to support in building water wells in developing countries! We had Mat Zo, PSY FI, BEAUZ, and DJ Major Airborne to support the cause!